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History Meme || {2/8} objects
● T h e  B i g  B o o k  o f  A l c o h o l i c s  A n o n y m o u s ● 

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism, is a book describing a method of recovery from alcoholism and is the book used by members of Alcoholics Anonymous as the base of their fight against their addiction. It is also the originator of the 12 step program, which has since been used as the format of many other formats for addiction, compulsive behaviors, or other problems involving dependency problems.

The Big Book(called so because of the thick pages used for the first edition) describes the story of Bill W.(one of the founders of the program), then progresses to explain a little more about the disease, then explains how you can fight it using the twelve steps, and the book is finished up by the personal stories of some of the program’s members.

The book is so important partially because before it, alcoholism wasn’t something an alcoholic could have a fighting chance against. They would either drink themselves to either death or madness, and doctors didn’t know anything to do about it. With the creation of the program and the publication of this book, millions have since sobered up and are able function as almost anyone else(that is, as long as they still practice their program).

It’s a highly recommended read, even if you aren’t an alcoholic. It gives you an understanding of the disease and compassion for those suffering from it.

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